Final Reflection, Fall 2017

Revisiting Goals: One of my goals was to better use and understand photoshop.
I had learned a lot about photoshop from this class after I had done the project and
the photos were stretched. I then learned how to properly insert photos to photoshop
so that they would not stretch. Another goal of mine was to learn how to use my new camera.
I had learned so much in the first week of just having it.
I think the biweekly photo projects had helped me understand all the camera has to offer.
I am still learning how to get a better photo on my camera, but I learned
a lot from all those photos I had taken. I also learned that the memory card
is not always reliable. I had stopped using my phone to take simple pictures because
I got my camera. From using my camera it also helped me to take three pictures
of something so that I can tell the difference and pick my favorite.
Successes: Looking back at my top photos from bi-weekly assignments I notice how
my photography skills have become better in j…


To learn how to enlarge and develop 35mm film in a traditional, wet darkroom setting

Emulation Project


sentimental value

It is close to Christmas and all the children gathered in the living room. Where the Christmas tree was decorated with popcorn, ribbon, and ornaments.  The presents were underneath the tree. The kids really wanted to open there presents but the father said they first had to run around the house and sing a Christmas carol. Then they started to open the presents one by one. Waiting and watching the others open presents. " Me next" each kid yelled. The parents smiled at each of there kids enjoyed the gifts they bought.  Merry Christmas to all. 

Famous Photographer's Introduction

BERENICE ABBOTT Background: She was born in Springfield, Ohio in 1898. She had an unhappy and lonely childhood. She went to college in 1917 at Ohio State to study Journalism. She left the college to go to New York City. There she was engaged to Jimmy Light that was a director. In 1918 she came to New York when there was a blizzard. She worked as a waitress and a yarn dyer. She later became interested in sculpture. She left New York and got a one-way ticket to Paris. She had hoped that she would get her sculpture career up and running. Man Ray was a photographer and had been looking for a darkroom assistant. She said that she would help him. Man wanted someone that he could teach how the darkroom and photography worked. This is how Abbot started her photography career. 
I had looked at her photography and I fell in love with it. The pictures that I saw were of the city or multiple I noticed New York City as one of the landscapes. This actually gave me some ideas of what style of photog…

Christmas Spirt

It was the first of December. This small town in Vermont every year had a huge Christmas festival. During this festival, many people came from out of town to experience the true Christmas. There was an Inn that all visitors stayed at and there they had activities like making Christmas tree sugar cookies, decorating the Christmas tree, and going sledding. At the festival, they had a contest on the best sugar cookie decoration, the best ornament decoration, and best gingerbread house.

Custom Layout

I learned somethings when working on this project, but I think with more time I would have learned more about how the project should be portrayed. I had a hard time with the layouts as a project because I look at this layout idea as something that you pick a theme that makes something pop out and also matches to go together to create a beautiful layout. I am most proud of my sunrise sunset custom layout because I worked really hard on finding what would fit. Cutting and pasting things in and reorganizing them. Another one that I thought was really good and that I am proud of is the gray and white layout. I like how all the colors are very similar or are matching. It is aesthetically pleasing for me to look at the custom layout and it is a very calming to look at it. I would definitely use it as a wallpaper for something.

The challenges with this project were that I was not completely sure what it was supposed to look like. I would have wanted to look at many examples to fulling under…